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Greetings from the Etherpad FAD

Hello and greetings from the Etherpad FAD.

Spot, Sebastian, and Jon discuss the "fascinating" web of Java found in etherpad.


Sam and Kevin float through code


DJ and Crawford look into c3p0 issues with Java 1.6


Our furthest travelers come from hail from New York. And while we hack away here in Massachusetts, Etherpad hackers are converging on Bradford, UK. Our goals are somewhat different, they are working on features and tickets in the codebase. We're looking at packaging etherpad for fedora, and all the legal, dependencies.

We've made some exciting discoveries:
  • 4 copies of JQuery

  • 3 different versions of JQuery =]

  • At least 2 different copies of Rhino

Plus large dependencies whose purpose in life are things like:

Creates a blob of image data in a format readable by a web browser that consists of a solid, opaque color and has the given width and height.

Progress with the dependencies is steady. Most recent news is that the upstream version of the Sanselan library doesn't turn Etherpad inside out. We have stellar builders/packagers in SDZ, Jon Stanley, and Spot. I'm picking up rpm packaging and hope to be a full master by the time the weekend is out (okay maybe not master). Kevin is presently teaching Andy how the Operational Transformation algorithm works. People are heading out as they finish up their tasks. Day 2 only looks to be better.


How many hours are there in a day?

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